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The business of the PTA is managed by the PTA Executive Board and Executive Committee. For information and transparency, the job descriptions of the various positions and committees have been published below.

The Executive Board

Chair: Craig Stevens (Australian)
tel. 06 87 29 45 46,
Chairperson job descrption


Vice-Chair: Markus Pasterk (Austrian)
tel.: 04 37 41 54 99
Vice chair job description



Treasurer: Marlene Kachatourian (U.S.-Armenian)
tel.: 04 72 57 97 02
Treasurer job description


Secretary: Doriane Rutten (French)
tel.: 04 82 33 43 56
Secretary job description


The Executive Committee

The PTA Executive Committee encompasses (besides the Executive Board) the Director of ISL, 1 Teacher Representative, 3 Parent Representatives and the other officers, along with one representative of each of the Special Committees. These are:

Teacher representative:

  • Alison Pattinson (Primary school)

Class and section representatives:

  • KG: Alison Mody
  • Grade 1: Marielle Picolet
  • Grade 2: Åsa Länner
  • Grade 3-4: Evie Rosset
  • G4-5: Ann catelyn
  • G6-8:Doriane Rutten
  • G9-12 Lena Lindeberg Smith

Section rep job description

Crossing Patrol Committee: Ann Catelyn

Crossing patrol job description



Events and Fund Raising Coordinator: Janet Godley

Events job description
Fund Raising job description


Publications: Susanne Guirakhoo
Publications job description




Welcome Committee: Marielle Picolet
Welcome committee job description



Library Committee: Corina Sarb

Library job description