ISL students playing outside

Life at ISL

School Times

The school day starts at 8:20 for all students from Kindergarten to Grade 10. School finishing times are 15:35 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; 12:05 on Wednesdays and 14:55 on Fridays. IB diploma students have a full five day week, however, starting at 8:20 and finishing at 16:15 on most days.


Students are invited to bring a packed lunch as ISL does not have canteen facilties for the moment. Microwave ovens are available in the lunchrooms, however, and there also is the possibility for all students except the Kindergarten to order meals in advance from the Turkish-Pizza restaurant on Chemin du Grand Roule. The PTA also organise pizza (or other alternatives) days, when parents can choose to buy what is on sale and funds raised go to charity, various school based activities or the PTA itself. Primary students are asked to bring a separate snack for the morning break as well.

ISL tries its best to respect the environment and asks students and families to practise a ‘waste-free’ lunch policy. Tuesday is a specifically ‘waste-free’ day.


There is no specific school bus service as yet but public transport to the school is frequent and reliable, with the no. 8 bus running to and from Perrache railway station where you can take trams and the subway to other destinations ( The school office provides forms which will enable you to obtain special student passes for local public transport services.

There is a parent  ‘Crossing Control’ group which supervizes the zebra crossing in front of the school at drop-off and pick-up times.

For security reasons, only staff cars are allowed on the premises. Parking is available at La Mulatière public library on chemin de la Bastero (which is to your immediate right as you turn at the lights into chemin du Grand Roule).