Primary school

In the Early Years Unit and the Primary school, the children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm form the basis for an inquiry based approach to learning. Using the IBO’s Primary Years Programme, teachers create a stimulating and varied learning environment that allows each student to progress according to his or her potential. Children are encouraged to share their diverse social and cultural experiences and to develop the ability to think analytically, see connections between ideas, and be imaginative and creative actors in their own learning.

A variety of assessment methods, including student self-reflection, allows continuous evaluation of the learning process and regular feedback to both the children and the parents. In addition to language (reading, writing, oral communication), mathematics, science and technology, social studies, visual arts, music, drama, and personal, social and physical education, children are exposed to French, with direct integration for 25% of the time in the Early Years Unit and lessons at beginners, intermediate or native speaker level in Grades 1-5.  Supplementary English classes are provided for non-native speakers and additional foreign and mother-tongue language classes are available if there is sufficient demand. The use of computers and technology is an integral part of classroom work.

Primary Curriculum 2011-12

Junior Primary Handbook 2011-12
Senior Primary Handbook 2011-12