Middle school

The Middle School curriculum (6th-8th grade) provides for a thorough study of the various disciplines, whilst maintaining the holistic approach of the IBO Learner Profile. It encourages students to realize that solutions to many questions often require insights drawn from various areas of knowledge, along with social and interpersonal skills that facilitate cooperation and teamwork. It fosters personal responsibility, sensitivity towards the environment, and openness and tolerance towards different national and cultural traditions.

The assessment of the students’ progress against a set of criteria linked to the objectives of each course informs the teaching and learning process during the year, and students have the opportunity to demonstrate their achievement in final exams. Homework is given regularly.

In Middle School, students study English as a native or first language, including literature; French or English as an additional language for non-native speakers; mathematics; integrated science; history, geography; physical and health education; visual arts; music and ICT. Additional language lessons are available (outside the regular timetable) when there is sufficient demand.

Secondary Curriculum 2011-12