ISL students playing outside


Posted: August 26, 2012

Back to School!

A warm welcome back to all our returning families and an equally warm initial welcome to our many “arriving” ones as they prepare to begin a new school life with us here in ISL. We look forward not only to meeting all our new students and helping them settle in as soon and as comfortably as possible but also to seeing their parents and guardians at the many events that we have lined up for them. Please note particularly the school start date and time of September 4th at 8.20.  Parents of the children in the Early Years Unit will be informed directly by e-mail of the special arrangements for their children; all others should look for the sign indicating their class’s rallying point once they arrive at school.

Don’t forget the first PTA meeting at 8.30 on Friday September 7th, our Welcome Evening on Tuesday September 11th at 18.30 and our Back to School Pot Luck picnic/BBQ on Saturday September 15th. All these events provide all our families, returning and new, with opportunities of meeting other parents and becoming more familiar with the warm and friendly ISL atmosphere which we trust your children will already be talking about from their classes! See you soon….